Pipe Jacking

Module topics include:

  • Overview of pipe jacking process and equipment
  • Main and intermediate jacking stations
  • Monitoring and control desk
  • Separation plant
  • Types of shield machines
  • Excavation tools
  • Obstacle removal
  • Pipe jacking errors and their consequences

Jacking pipes

Module topics include:

  • Terms and definitions
  • Fundamentals
  • Reinforced concrete and steel fibre concrete
  • Fibre cement
  • Vitrified clay
  • Glass fibre reinforced plastics – GRP (UP-GF)
  • Plastics

Pipe Bursting

Module topics include:

  • Workflow
  • Material types of protection and product pipelines
  • Damage to the product pipe
  • Statics
  • Modifications of pipe bursting
  • Impact of pipe bursting on the surroundings

Open Cut - Embedment and Installation of PIpe

Module topics include:

  • Trench Width
  • Trench Base
  • Embedment
  • Pipe Installation and Alignment
  • Hydraulically Bound Backfill
  • Shoring Removal
  • Optimised Installation Methods
  • Compaction Testing

High Pressure Cleaning and Cleaning Vehicles

Module topics include:

  • Overview of the cleaning process
  • Criteria for the selection of the cleaning method
  • Process Description
  • Combined high pressure cleaning
  • Work flow
  • Cleaning vehicles
  • High pressure pumps
  • Vacuum pumps
  • High pressure flushing hoses
  • Suction tubes
  • Optimization of the operating parameters

Solids in Sewers

Module topics include:

  • Fundamentals
  • Origin of solids
  • Transport behaviour of solids
  • Consequences of solids entry

Flushing Methods

Module topics include:

  • Overview of the cleaning processes
  • Criteria for the selection of the cleaning method
  • Flushing methods
  • Surge flushing
  • Back-up flushing

Pipe Cleaning of Large Profiles

Module topics include:

  • Manual cleaning using auxiliary tools and devices
  • Removal of waste material
  • Special cleaning systems

Constructive Design Measures for the Reduction of Deposit

Module topics include:

  • Semi-central sedimentation
  • Decentralised solid retention
  • Catch Basins


Module topics include:

  • Microtunnelling with auger spoil removal
  • Microtunnelling with hydraulic spoil removal
  • Microtunnelling with pneumatic spoil removal
  • Microtunnelling with scraper spoil removal
  • Microtunnelling with soil displacement
  • Technical components
  • Reduction of jacking forces
  • Obstacle removal

Pipe Bursting Basics

Module topics include:

  • Pipe bursting standards and regulations
  • Process Description
  • Pipe bursting variations
  • Application limits
  • Pneumatic pipe bursting
  • Static pipe bursting
  • Static/pneumatic pipe bursting
  • Hydraulic pipe bursting
  • Documentation and quality assurance

Pipe Pullback

Module topics include:

  • Description
  • Options for the insertion of the new pipeline
  • Delivery of the pipeline
  • Pulling head
  • Changes in length due to temperature variations
  • Length of the insertion pit
  • Determination of the applicable forces
  • Determination of the maximum bending radius
  • Interruption of the insertion process

Pipe Cleaning Strategy and Plan

Module topics include:

  • Fundamentals
  • Context
  • Cleaning measures
  • Development of the cleaning plan
  • Cleaning Strategy
  • Optimization of the cleaning effort
  • Determination of cleaning intervals
  • Goals of a demand and condition oriented cleaning strategy
  • Development of a demand and condition oriented cleaning strategy
  • Management and monitoring of cleaning measures

Cleaning Nozzles

Module topics include:

  • Definition
  • Application
  • Effects of the pressurised water jet
  • Characteristics of the water jet
  • Nozzle types
  • Nozzle inserts
  • Water jet angle
  • Water jet force
  • Pressure losses
  • High pressure flushing hoses
  • Suction tubes
  • Optimization of the operating parameters
  • Number of cleaning cycles
  • Damage due to high pressure cleaning
  • Practical recommendations for the avoidance of damages due high-pressure cleaning

Pipe Cleaning - Mechanical and Miscellaneous Methods

Module topics include:

  • Mechanical methods
  • Miscellaneous methods

Cleaning of Pressure Pipelines

Module topics include:

  • Physical methods
  • Mechanical methods
  • Cleaning of inverted siphons
  • Recommended fields of application for cleaning methods

Additional modules coming soon!

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